Yopix Weddings

Yopix brings you best wedding photography and best wedding videography as a single bouquet of service. Choose from our Gold, Diamond and Platinum offerings that is suitable to you, with FREE COMPLEMENTARY PHOTO ALBUM AND STORAGE MEDIA with every offering. All the offerings receive the same high quality service and end products. The offerings differ only in the range of services. We believe you deserve the best for your special occasion. The complete range of services include photography and videography covering multiple sessions - pre-wedding candids, engagement, sangeet, main wedding event and reception. Includes cinematic wedding videos and exclusive custom designed premium album as complementary. You can enhance your special moments with our Live Streaming service. Drone photography and videography offered on request.  

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Yopix Weddings - Gold

₹50,000.00Regular Price₹42,500.00Sale Price

Yopix Weddings - Diamond

₹125,000.00Regular Price₹106,250.00Sale Price

Yopix Weddings - Platinum

₹400,000.00Regular Price₹340,000.00Sale Price