1. The standard Album Size is 20 x 12 inches by Height x Width. 
  2. The pricing is for an album of minimum 46 pages.
  3. Comes in 3 varients of paper and standard hard cover. 
  4. There are other options for paper quality and custom cover made of Acrylic, Rexin and Leather. We are happy to discuss with you about other varients and pricing.
  5. The Album price includes design charges.
  6. The customer is expected to upload or deliver RAW files (preferably) of the pictures. Jpeg, Png, TIFF files accepted subject to quality.
  7. The files should be uploaded to us thru Dropbox link provided in the website. If delivered physically, it should be delivered in a compatible storage media such as DVD, USB Flash Drive or External Hard disk.
  8. If the customer delivers the files, Yopix reserves the right to reject the storage media because of security and Anti Virus measures.
  9. Only uncorrupted files will be considered for further processing.
  10. Yopix's Designer's decision regarding file acceptability is final.
  11. The Album design and printing is subject to detailed terms and conditions. It is customer’s responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions before ordering the album. In case clarifications required, if any, please do not hesitate to contact us thru the contact form in the home page.
  12. The delivery time for Albums is 15 working days from date of acceptance of album design and full payment, which ever is later.
  13. The Album Specifications are subject to availability.
  14. The pricing is indicative only and cannot be construed as final price.
  15. Yopix Media reserves the right to discontinue any Album listed here, and change the specifications and pricing.

Premium Jumbo Album

₹11,800.00 Regular Price
₹11,210.00Sale Price
Paper Quality
    1. All prices exclusive of GST, which will be extra.
    2. Additional page requirements.